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*New: EJukebox v5.45
-New 2Web MediaServer option to stream playing mp3 to web browser
-New 2Web FileBrowser option for remote file downloading and multiple file uploading

*New: EJukebox v5.15 adds a 'Browse Albums' feature to 2Web plus an option to send the 'now playing art' at full resolution

What is EJukebox 2WEB?

2WEB is a feature included with EJukebox Pro that allows you to control EJukebox remotely and search and listen to your music collection in real-time from any web browser including Apple iOS/Android devices.

2WEB has drag and drop playlist functionality (when used in Internet Explorer)

You can activate 2WEB by enabling it from the "Web" tab on EJukebox's options panel.


WIRELESS/HOME/OFFICE/COLLEGE NETWORK (LAN) USERS: Store all your media on one pc running EJukebox and control EJukebox and listen from any web device on the Network.
-Use the web browser on your Laptop, Android, iPod touch, iPad, iPhone, etc to remote control the audio/video and browse files on your PC running EJukebox
-Run the new 2Web Media Server or setup a Shoutcast Streaming Server with Winamp on the main computer and listen in from any of the connected browsers.
-Connect the main PC to your home/office sound system and use 2Web to control playback from multiple points.

GLOBAL ACCESS: Run EJukebox and the 2Web MediaServer option or a Shoutcast server and control and listen to your music collection anywhere in the world via a web browser.


Access EJukebox 2WEB on your Phone